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Wings To Entrepreneurs
Creating MVP Models

There’s an ugly myth about startups. The myth is that for your software startup to succeed the founders need to have a solid technical background in fields like coding or IT. But, the truth is running a successful business takes much more than just having a technical background.


Rapidzs is a digital platform where
logistics becomes open sourced

his is the story of a female pilot who had aspired to reach the sky by providing a digital solution and wanting to revolutionise the logistics sector by providing a cutting edge technology. In collaboration with Sagiam Ltd an unique idea was brought in.

THE CHALLENGE : The client wanted to embark on this entrepreneurial journey by allocating a limited set of fund and time so that a MVP model be built with an idea she had in mind. The logistics sector already being crowded, it was a dare challenge to bring up a unique solution that would disrupt the industry.

THE EUREKA MOMENT : The idea was brainstormed for days with innumerable cups of coffee by our team of analysts and marketeers. The idea was groomed and optimised was made a scalable model which could penetrate the industry with ripple effects.



is the only and the largest film community
social networking platform for users to start their
film career.

Cost 2 – 10 Lacs

Our client Mr.Manas having being in the cini industry along with his father had known the sector through thick and thin. Mr.Manas pictured that there lies a pain area in the industry that could be transformed into a digital solution to the aspiring masses wanting to find work.

THE CHALLENGE : The main challenge Sagiam Ltd had to face was the unorganised offline pattern the sector was in. An MVP model was required to test the viability of the idea so as giant leap be taken in the sector.

THE EUREKA MOMENT : Having being the only ones in the industry our analyst team came up with solution that could create a solution that could bridge the gap between cinijobs and aspiring artists. An easy onboarding process with superior UI UX was suggested by our team that could help our client in taking it to the masses.



LOGISTICS application connects traders, consumers
and any other end user with truck load delivery

Cost 5 – 15 Lacs

This is a story worth reading . Mr.Mallick having worked in the logistics industry all his life had revolutionising idea that could totally transform the way traders did business. Mr.Mallick envisioned a pain area that could be turned into business platform and kickstart his entrepreneurial journey.

THE CHALLENGE : The idea involved creating a cutting edge digital solution that could tap the pain area of the unorganised trader sector that transported goods from point A to B. Many traders had consignments to be picked from a point and be delivered to multiple points and vice versa.

THE EUREKA MOMENT : After innumerable cuppas our analyst team in collaboration with the genius himself locked on a solution that could achieve this feat.



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