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Bet Battles- Fantasy Sports Applications

The online betting industry is surging at a rapid pace as we speak. Bet battles lets users choose and predict on football matches and their outcomes. The users can choose from a set of predictions for any particular football match. Post that the users shall match their predictions with the live game and shall win points in respect to their predictions. Users win gold coins in the game which later is utilised to make in app purchases say for e.g avatars,chatpacks, stickers and etc. The whole point of the game is to give users an excitement edge in the application while following real life football.

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THE CHALLENGE : The main challenge Sagiam Ltd had to face was the unorganised offline pattern the sector was in. An MVP model was required to test the viability of the idea so as giant leap be taken in the sector.

THE EUREKA MOMENT : Having being the only ones in the industry our analyst team came up with solution that could create a solution that could bridge the gap between cinijobs and aspiring artists. An easy onboarding process with superior UI UX was suggested by our team that could help our client in taking it to the masses.

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